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Pay Per Click Advertising Management
The whole Pay Per Click Advertising Management Services world can be very confusing.
Target the right keyword, make sure to exclude this interest, include relevant zip codes. Good grief, where should you even start. Over the last several years, we’ve spent over $1,000,000 buying and managing Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Display ads. We’ve managed a variety of pay per click campaigns – everything from a movie in theaters to organic dog shampoo to executive search services. Needless to say we have some experience with Pay Per Click Advertising Management and can share exactly how to do profitable ad spending on Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Display networks. There are many advanced things about PPC that you can get hung up on but we’re going to share a few of our beliefs. Here’s what we know to be true about Pay Per Click Advertising Management Services.
Patience is key. Successful online advertising campaigns can be profitable the day it begins or they can take up to 6 months to have a positive return.
Facebook ads don’t work for everyone. We once spent $25,000+ on a Facebook advertising campaign and only made $5,000 back. You don’t have to be a math expert to know that’s not a good return. Just because the advertising platform exists doesn’t mean your customers are there. If the plane flys, fly it as high and far as it will go. Pay per click advertising is tough. When you find something that works, advertise aggressively.
Even Cindy Crawford gets old. I saw Cindy Crawford at the LAX airport the other day. She didn’t look like the poster girl who used to hang on my wall. The truth is, everyone grows old and the same is true with advertising. A refresh is required.
Profit is what matters. There are PPC experts who will get you really high click through rates. If you’re not making money from pay per click advertising, it’s time to pause your ads.
The best things in life are free. It’s true. Exhaust free marketing opportunities before investing in pay per click advertising management services. Now here’s what you need to do if you want us to manage your pay per click advertising. Step 1: Fill out this form. Step 2: We’ll call you and work out an agreement. Step 3: We’ll do these things for you:
  • Setup your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign
  • Test your PPC ads
  • Optimize your ads with an audit
  • Manage your PPC Campaign
  • Report on the results on a monthly or bi-monthly basis (your choice)
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