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There’s no denying it: attracting attention for your content today is hard. In fact, by the time you roll out of bed in the morning, there are over 1 million blog posts already published around the world. (Here’s a live count)

By the time you finish breakfast, there’s been over 70 million photos posted to Instagram in the last 24 hours. (Here’s the most recent count)

And, by the time you finish reading this sentence, 20 million emails were sent. (Here’s more email stats)

In other words, by the time you’ve written, published and even thought about promoting your content, you’re one of a million people who have done the same thing that day.

Despite the competition, you may have seen certain competitors or people in your space have success.

They’re generating Instagram likes, getting comments on their blogs, and seem to be attracting the attention that you’d like for your content.

How do they do that?

In this post we’re going to share the formula we use for Premier IT Networks clients who utilize our content marketing strategy services. Copy the formula for yourself, or inquire about utilizing our services.

Let’s go.

Our Content Marketing Strategy Services Formula

The formula is really simple. We take what we find and make it better. And then we promote that content directly to people who would be interested.

That’s content marketing. Let’s take a deeper dive into each formula component.

Finding content that has done well

This is where you’re hunting for content that IS getting the attention you’re seeking.

Good places to hunt:

- Google (Using search queries like, best + “keyword” + posts)
- Wikipedia (In the links section at the bottom of the page)
- Reddit (Under subreddits)
- Pinterest (Search your keyword and look for repinned content)
- Open Site Explorer (To look at competitor content)
- BuzzSumo (To find amazing content)
- Google (Looking at the first few pages)

Creating better content than the rest

At this point, we’ve got our list of topics and titles to create. Now, we have to create it. But how do you make something better?

  • Bring content up to date (look for the content posted 2-3+ years ago)
  • Make content comprehensive (develop content that has all the information in one place)
  • Make content beautiful (design content so it’s visually appealing)
  • Write better content (produce content that’s easier and more entertaining to read)
Reaching the right people

Most people don’t reach this step.

They create content. They schedule it to be posted on their brand’s social media sites and consider their job to be done. Not so fast. The crucial component to a content marketing strategy is how you’re going to get attention.

Here’s four types of people to connect with:
  • People who have an interest in your topic (and are likely to link to it)
  • People who have already linked to similar content (and are likely to link to your version)
  • People you’ve mentioned in your post (who are likely to share if they like it)
  • People on forums (who appreciate valuable content, but can sniff out a marketer from a mile away)
Next Steps

You can read about content marketing strategy all day long. The important next step is acting on the advice you read and determining whether formulas like ours work for you

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